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Adopters of KServe

This page contains a list of organizations who are using KServe either in production, or providing integrations or deployment options with their Cloud or product offerings. If you'd like to be included here, please send a pull request which modifies this file. Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

Organization Contact
Advanced Micro Devices Varun Sharma
Amazon Web Services Ellis Tarn
Bloomberg Dan Sun
Cars24 Swapnesh Khare
Chamred Kubeflow from Canonical Daniela Plasencia
Cisco Krishna Durai
CoreWeave Peter Salanki
Gojek Willem Pienaar
Deeploy Tim Kleinloog
Halodoc ID Joinal Ahmed
IBM Nick Hill
Kubeflow on Google Cloud James Liu
Inspur Qingshan Chen
Max Kelsen Jacob O'Farrell
Naver Mark Winter
Nuance Jeff Griffith
NVIDIA David Goodwin
One Convergence Subra Ongole
Red Hat Taneem Ibrahim
Seldon Clive Cox
Patterson Consulting Josh Patterson
Samsung SDS Hanbae Seo
Striveworks Jordan Yono
Zillow Peilun Li
Upstage JuHyung Son
Intuit Rachit Chauhan
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