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ModelMesh Installation Guide

KServe ModelMesh installation enables high-scale, high-density and frequently-changing model serving use cases.

A Kubernetes cluster is required. You will need cluster-admin authority. Additionally, kustomize and an etcd server on the Kubernetes cluster are required.

1. Standard Installation

You can find the standard installation instructions in the ModelMesh Serving installation guide. This approach assumes you have installed the prerequisites such as etcd and S3-compatible object storage.

2. Quick Installation

A quick installation allows you to quickly get ModelMesh Serving up and running without having to manually install the prerequisites. The steps are described in the ModelMesh Serving quick start guide.


ModelMesh Serving is namespace scoped, meaning all of its components must exist within a single namespace and only one instance of ModelMesh Serving can be installed per namespace. For more details, you can check out the ModelMesh Serving getting started guide.

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