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KServe Python SDK

Python SDK for KServe controller plane client and data plane serving runtime API.


KServe Python SDK can be installed by pip or poetry.

pip install

pip install kserve


Checkout KServe GitHub repository and Install via poetry.

cd kserve/python/kserve
peotry install

KServe Serving Runtime API

KServe's python serving runtime API implements the open inference protocol using FastAPI, see Serving Runtime API docs for more details.

KServe Client API

KServe's python client interacts with KServe control plane APIs for executing operations on a remote KServe cluster, such as creating, patching and deleting of a InferenceService instance.

Getting Started

Please see the Sample for Python SDK Client to get started.

KServe Client API Reference

Class Method Description
KServeClient set_credentials Set Credentials
KServeClient create Create InferenceService
KServeClient get Get or watch the specified InferenceService or all InferenceServices in the namespace
KServeClient patch Patch the specified InferenceService
KServeClient replace Replace the specified InferenceService
KServeClient delete Delete the specified InferenceService
KServeClient wait_isvc_ready Wait for the InferenceService to be ready
KServeClient is_isvc_ready Check if the InferenceService is ready

Reference for Generated Data Models

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